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Outsourcing of the tax preparation enables our clients the CPA firms not only to have a smooth tax year-end but also climb the value chain. Our CPA’s now don’t spend time preparing returns but they spend more time reviewing the returns not only for possible errors but also for reducing the tax liability and plan the taxes for their Clients. Now whether it is the March 15 th , April 15 th or October our Clients have a smooth go. They just don’t have an 8-hour per day production they have an 8-hour per man production. They don’t have the burden of temporary employment. Consultants ‘R’ Us offers great strength in tax return preparation with a dedicated team of trained tax-preparers. We do the tax return preparation with a professional approach so as to save your time and Dollars. We do much more than just preparation of tax returns. # We have Chartered Accountants to review prepared tax returns for possible tax benefits. # We have tax returns prepared with minimum TAT (Turn Around Time), and our CPA’s have enough time to review the returns, to look for possible tax benefits. # We also apply various if and buts to the prepared tax returns looking for a possibility to minimize taxes or maximize refunds.
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