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Quick Books Accounting

Consultants ‘R’ Us possesses great expertise in QuickBooks Accounting , having an in-house Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisors.

Certified QuickBooks Pro-Advisor is a certification given by Intuit, the brand owner of QuickBooks Accounting Software.

Consultants ‘R’ Us with its immense expertise in QuickBooks Accounting provides its principles, the CPA and Accounting firms with on time and client specific reports to provide to their clients.

Consultants ‘R’ Us is proud to have an in-house Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor since

QuickBooks is the leading accounting software globally and predominantly used by the SME’s in the US .

QuickBooks Accounting gives an enormous flexibility in getting financial reports and statements.

Over and above having accounting done with QuickBooks allow you to use a lot of add-ons to export, import and convert data.

Accounting in QuickBooks gives you a lot more inbuilt flexible features unlike most of the other software’s.

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